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Visual Communication-:  

                                      Visual communication is the transmission of information and ideas using symbols and imagery.   it includes signs, graphic designs, films, typography, and countless other examples. 


Visual communication is something that can be achieved through sight. It can be anything like eye contact, map, chart, facial expression, signals, and poster. You can also include the graphics, books, animation, illustration, painting, interactive web design, advertising,and the short film.


Advantages of visual communication

Now-a-days, most of the business organizations are using visual techniques to present the information. It is becoming very popular day by day. Visual presentation is beneficial for many reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Effective for illiterate receiver: If the receivers are illiterate, the visual communication will be more effective to exchange information. They can easily understand the information that is presented visually.

  2. Helps in oral communication: Visual techniques can be used with oral communication. Oral communication becomes more meaningful if graphs, pictures and diagrams are used with it.

  3. Easy explanation: Everyone can explain the meaning of it very easily. Easy explanation has made the visual techniques more popular.

  4. Simple presentation: Complex information, data and figures can be easily presented very simply on graphs, pictures and diagrams.

  5. Prevents wastage of time: Visual techniques help to prevent the wastage of time. Written and oral communication takes much time to exchange information. But number of receivers can be communicated at a time through visual methods.

  6. Helps in quick decision: Visual communication helps to take quick decision. So management prefers visual techniques to communicate with others.

  7. Popular: Visual communication is very much popular because people do not like much speech and long explanation rather than a chart of a diagram.

  8. Others: Artful presentation, Ads impact to the information, quicker understanding.

Disadvantages of visual communication:

There are some limitations of visual communication as follows:

  1. Costly: The visual methods of communication are more costly than those of other methods. To draw maps, charts, diagram is costly. That is why only large company or organization can use this technique.

  2. Complex presentation: Sometimes visual presentation of information becomes complex. The receivers cannot understand the meaning of the presentation.

  3. Incomplete method: This technique is considered as an incomplete method. Visual presentation is not sufficient to communicate effectively and clearly but also it can be successfully used with oral communication.

  4. Wastage of time: Sometimes visual techniques take much time to communicate. Whereas oral communication takes no time to exchange information.

  5. Difficult to understand: Difficult to understand and requires a lot of repetitions in visual communication. Since it uses gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, touch etc. for communicating with others which may not be understandable for the simple and foolish people.

  6. Problem for general readers: General people are not prefers to communicate through visual communication with others. Sometimes it cannot create an impression upon people or listeners. It is less influential and cannot be used everywhere.

  7. Others: Ambiguity, situational problem, delays in taking decision.

Forms of Visual Communication

There are many forms of visual communication. To choose a proper form of visual communication, you need to think about the background of your audience, your communication purpose, the nature of your statistics and so on. See some of the commonly used visual communication presentation forms.


  1. Visual Communication Form - Public Signs-:

                                                                               A sign is a mark or shape that always has a particular meaning, for example, in mathematics or music. We can see many public signs that play an important role in our daily life. Their advantages lie in the cross-cultural communication which is not limited by language barrier. See some examples below.

  2. Visual Communication Form - Visual Symbols-:

                                                                                 Visual symbols are used from long ago. For example, pigeon, heart and gold are used as the symbol of peace, love and wealth respectively.

  3. Visual Communication - Chart and Graph-:

                                                                             This form is very perfect for data analysis. It includes many types such as bar, column, pie and doughnut chart. To analyze your figures more effectively, you can combine them together. See an example below.


  4. Visual Communication - Table-:

                                                     Table is suitable for classifying numbers. It is one primary form to structure and communicate quantitative data.


  5. Visual Communication - Map-:

                                                              A map can represent a place vividly. Paper maps are portable and can be carried around easily. Online maps are gaining increasing popularity. For example Google Map, a reliable mapping service, provides useful location information. Check out some amazing slides made with vector maps provided by E-draw.





In a word, there are many effective forms of visual communication. Present your message in the most appropriate method will better ensure effective communication.

**************************End of Visual  Communication*******************************

Visual Communication Form
public Signs Class IX X IT 402 cbse board
visual communication  Class IX X IT 402 cbse board
Visual Communication
Visual Communication table
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