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Chapter 1: Communication Skills-:

Part 1: Communication & their types

Part 2: Communication Cycle

Part 3: Feedback in Communication

Part 4: Effective Communication

Part 5: Barriers in Communication

Part 6: Basic Writing Skills


Communication skills allow you to understand and be understood by others. These can include but are not limited to effectively communicating ideas to others, actively listening in conversations, giving and receiving critical feedback and public speaking.

          Communication skills involve listening, speaking, observing and empathising. It is also helpful to understand the differences in how to communicate through face-to-face interactions, phone conversations and digital communications like email and social media.


communication help people to know each other better. it helps in removing misunderstanding and certain meaning clarity of thought. communication in any form written, oral, formal informal, visual, interpersonal, intrapersonal help in educating people and connecting them better.

Types of Communication-:

1. Verbal Communication

2. Non Verbal Communication

3. Visual Communication

4. Written Communication

1. Verbal Communication-:

                                 Verbal communication is the use of sounds and words to express yourself, especially in contrast to using gestures or mannerisms (non-verbal communication). Example-: Orally communicating.                      Click here for details about Verbal Communication.....

2. Non-verbal Communication-: 

                                        Nonverbal communication refers to gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, eye contact (or lack thereof), body language, posture, and other ways people can communicate without using language.                  Click here for details about Non-Verbal Communication.....

3. Visual Communication-:  

                                      Visual communication is the transmission of information and ideas using symbols and imagery.   it includes signs, graphic designs, films, typography, and countless other examples.                                                          Click here for details about Visual Communication.....

4. Written Communication-:

                                         A 'Written Communication' means the sending of messages, orders or instructions in writing through letters, circulars, manuals, reports, telegrams, office memos, bulletins, etc. It is a formal method of communication and is less flexible.

                                               Click here for details about Written Communication.....

Type of Communication
Verbal Communication
Non Verbal Communication
Written Communication
Visual Communication
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