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Create and customize table of contents

  • Table of contents. Hierarchy of headings.

  • Customization of table of contents.

  • Character styles. Maintaining a table of contents.

Table-: Table is a collection of Row Column & Cell. Row are the horizontal line and column are the vertical line. or A row is across, left to right, and a column is up and down. where ad cell is a intersection between row and column.

Creating a Table-:

There are various ways to create a table:

  1. Insert Table

  2. Draw Table

  3. Convert Text to Table

  4. Excel Spreadsheet

  5. Quick Tables

  6. Copy Paste

1.  Insert Table-:

For a basic table, click on  Insert Tab  > Insert Table option  and move the cursor over the grid until you highlight the number of columns and rows you want.

For a larger table, or to customize a table, select Insert > Table > Insert Table.

2. Draw Table-:Design your own table by drawing the cell, row and column borders yourself. You can even draw diagonal lines and cells within cells.


3. Convert Text to Table-: Convert text to table split a single column of text into multiple columns. For example, you can separate a column of full names into separate first and last name columns. You can choose how to split it up fixed width or split at each comma, period, or other character.

4. Excel Spreadsheet-: Excel spreadsheet insert Microsoft Excel worksheet in Microsoft word and calculation accordingly.

5. Quick Tables-: These are the the built-in tables and that tables are predefined templates and used for insert calendars purpose.

6. Copy Paste-: In this you can copy a particular table and paste in your document.

Understand Row Column & Cell in Table Structure
Steps to create new table in documents
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