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Create and Apply Styles in the document

Style is a predefined combination of various formatting features and types, like font style, color, and size of the text that is applied to the selected text in a document, to quickly change its appearance.

Style also helps in improving consistency of the document. They even make major formatting changes easy. For example, you may decide to change the. Indentation of all paragraphs or changing the font of all titles of the large document, this simple task can be time consuming and boring too. Style makes the task easy and simple. 

For example,

Suppose I want to write an eBook, so I decided that all the chapter names I  will put in heading1 and the first heading in the chapter I will be created in heading2  and after that the sub heading in the chapter I will put that thing in the heading3. What will be the advantage of doing that? The advantages will be at the end of my project completion or anytime if I want to change the style, color and size of my Chapter, Headings. Then I don't need to do that task manually. Everything will update automatically because all the chapters names and, heading and subheading I have taken with the help of Create and Apply Styles options in my LibreOffice Write or MS Word

Style categories

LibreOffice Writer has five style categories:

  1. Paragraph styles-: Paragraph styles affect entire paragraphs represented with those styles.

  2. Character styles-: Character styles affect a block of text inside a paragraph.

  3. Page styles-: Page styles affect page formatting (page size, margin, and the like).

  4. Frame styles-: Frame styles affect frames and graphics.

  5. List styles-: List styles affect outlines, numbered lists, and bulleted lists.

  6. Table Style-: this include fonts, alignments, borders, background, number format and generally used in CalcSpreadSheet.

Style Categories libra office writer it402
  • Apply Styles

  • Creating New/Custom Styles

  • Modifying Styles

  • Apply Styles-:

Style can be applied in many ways which are discussed below-:

Using the Style in Sidebar- 

  • Go to Styles---> Manage Styles in the menu bar or simply Press F11. Styles will open up in the Sidebar and shows the types of Styles available for Writer.

  • Choose any of the Style options at the top of the Sidebar for styles such as paragraph, character, frame, page, list and table.

  • Choose a particular style icon and set the attributes available in that style for the default style set in OOo. You can also select custom style in each of the style, define and apply customized style.

Using the tools in Formatting Toolbar-

The style can be applied or cleared using the style drop down list available on the left side of the formatting tool box.  You can create a new style by clicking on the new style tool and entering the name of style in the name dialogue box that appears. Even an existing style can be modified using the tool Update Style and choosing the style from the style dropdown list and then changing the attributes in the sidebar.

Using Fill Format mode-

Use Fill Format to apply a style to many different areas quickly without having to go back to the Styles and Formatting window and double-click every time. This method is useful when you need to format many scattered paragraphs, words, or other items with the same style, and it may be easier to use than making multiple selections first and then applying a style to all of them.

1. Open the Styles and Formatting window and select the style you want to apply.

2. Click the Fill Format mode icon . The mouse pointer changes to this icon.

3. To apply a paragraph, page, or frame style, hover the mouse over the paragraph,          page, or frame and click. To apply a character style, hold down the mouse button        while selecting the characters, Clicking on a word applies the character style for          that word. Repeat this step until you made all the changes for that style.

4. To quit Fill Format mode, click the Fill Format mode icon again or press

      the Esc key.

using fill format mode it402
  • Create New/ Custom Styles

You may want to add a new Style or customize some already existing style, which can be done in two following ways-

Creating New Style from Selection- we can create a New Style by copying an existing                 format. But this new style applies only to the current document. it will not be saved in the        templates to be used for other documents.

  • open the Styles in Sidebar and choose the type of the style you want to create.

  • In the document, select the item you want to save as a new style.

  • In the Style, click on the New Style from the Selection Icon as  shown in the figure.

  • In the Create Style dialogue, type a name for the new style. The list shows names of existing Custom Styles of selected  type. Click OK to save the newly create style.

Dragging and Dropping to create a Style- You can drag and drop text selection in to the Styles in the Preview box of the Sidebar of a particular style. For this select the required text in the document to be used as style and drag and drop it into the preview box of the Sidebar. If Paragraph Styles are active, a new Paragraph Style will be added to the list and if Character Styles are active, the Character Style will be added in the list.

  • Modifying Styles

There are many ways to modify both the predefined Styles and custom Styles created by the user. This can be done using any of the following methods-

Updating a style from a section-:To update a style from the section, follow the given steps.

  • Open the style in the slide bar.

  • In the document, select an item that has the format you want to adopt, as a style.

  • In the styles, select the style you want to update by single clicking on it, and then click on the New Style from selection icon

  • Update Style as shown in figure.

Style 4
modifying styles libra office writer it402

Loading style from a template or a document.

You can also copy style by loading them from a template or another document using the following step.

  • Open the document you want to copy style.

  • In the style on the sidebar on the new style from selection icon, and then click on load styles.

  • The Load Styles dialogue box will appear as shown in the figure given find and select the template you want to Copy style from.

  • The load style dialogue box will appear as shown in the given figure. Find and select the template you want to copy Style from..

  • Select the category of the style to be copied. Select overwrite if you want the style being copied to replace any style of the same name in the document you are copying them info.

  • Click OK to copy the style. You will not observe any changes on the screen, but style will be copied in the desired document. 

Loading style from a template or a document  libra office writer  it402
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