Insert and use images in document

  • Options to insert image to document from various sources.

  • Options to modify, resize, crop and delete an image. Drawing objects and its properties.

  • Creating drawing objects and changing its properties. Resizing and grouping drawing objects.

  • Positioning image in the text.

Options to insert image to document from various sources-:

  1. Inserting an Image from Computer

  2. Inserting an Image from Online Picture option

  3. Inserting Image from copy and paste

  4. Inserting Image from Screen sort option

  5. Inserting Image from Drag and Drop option

  6. Insert Image from 3d Model in MS Word 2019


  • Inserting an Image from Computer-: In our Document, if we want to insert a image from my computer then we need to follow following steps.

  1. Click on the page in your document where you want to insert image.

  2. Click on Insert Tab

  3. Click on Picture option

  4. A open Dialog box will open 

  5. Choose the location where your picture is  there

  6. Select the picture

  7. Click on Insert option

  8. Picture will insert in your document

how to insert picture in open office
  • Inserting an Image from Online Picture option-:  In Microsoft word, we can find this option very easily. here we don't need to use any browser to search the picture online. we can directly search and insert multiple picture from internet with the help of Online Pictures option.

    • Steps to use of online Picture 

      • Click on Insert Tab​

      • Click on Online Pictures options

      • A window will open

      • you need to search the picture or you can click on any picture which are already showing in the window.

      • click on the picture

      • click on Insert 

      • picture will insert in your document

different steps to insert picture in ms office
  • Inserting an Image from Copy & Paste option-:  In this option, You can Copy the Picture and paste the picture in your document. You can Copy the Picture from any folder, website and paste it in your document. You can use Copy (CTRL+C) and paste Command (CTRL+V) to do that.

  • Inserting an Image from Screen Sort option-:  In MS Word, You can insert a Picture using Screen Sort option. to use this option first we should know that how this option is work. when we will click on screen sort option the MS Word will minimize, that means what picture we want to insert in out document we need to open that picture, folder or web browser first and after that we need to open MS Word and Click on Screen Sort option. Word will minimize and after that you can crop a perticular area with the help of holding your left button of the mouse and  when you will release your mouse button then that picture will directly insert in your documents. 

  • Inserting an Image from Drag & Drop option-:  In any Document software we can Insert a picture from Drag and Drop option. for that you need to open both the software file side by side where your file is there. after that you need to hold the picture and drag it in your document. Picture will inserted. 

  • Inserting an Image from 3D Model-:  this is the best option provide by MS Word 2019 where you can insert any 3D Picture in your document and you can rotate that picture in any angle.

how to insert picture online in ms word 2019