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Object and Class in C++ Programming

example of Object and Class in C++ Programming

Object and Class in C++ ProgrammingIn this program, we have used the Room class and its object room1 to calculate the area and volume of a room.In main(), we assigned the values of length, breadth, and height with the code:We then called the functions calculateArea() and calculateVolume() to perform the necessary calculations.Note the use of the keyword public in the program. This means the members are public and can be accessed anywhere from the program.As per our needs, we can also create private members using the private keyword. The private members of a class can only be accessed from within the class. For example,

// Program to illustrate the working of

// objects and class in C++ Programming

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

// create a class

class Room {


double length;

double breadth;

double height;

double calculateArea() {

return length * breadth;


double calculateVolume() {

return length * breadth * height;



int main() {

// create object of Room class

Room room1;

// assign values to data members

room1.length = 42.5;

room1.breadth = 30.8;

room1.height = 19.2;

// calculate and display the area and volume of the room

cout << "Area of Room = " << room1.calculateArea() << endl;

cout << "Volume of Room = " << room1.calculateVolume() << endl;

return 0;


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